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Eiffel TowerSDN World News is very pleased to be here at ‘SDN 2013 – Transforming Network Architecture’ an event taking place in Paris today and tomorrow, 21-22 March 2013. It is great to see such a strong ecosystem here at the event.

During the conference, standardisation organisations such as the ONF and IETF, service providers, researchers, new start ups and traditional equipment vendors alike are joining together in an attempt to determine the many promises of the new SDN concept, and also its potential limitations.

Much discussion here so far this morning has centred around OpenFlow, with many vendors declaring that they are currently using version 1.0-1.1 (Ixia, contastingly, leading the way at 1.3). But just how much time, effort and money should organisations invest in tracking and implementing the OpenFlow standard? Is there a way around it?

Everyone we have met believes the SDN market is the big opportunity for this year as expected. There is a lot of discussion about the full-scale application of Openflow and whether this can really work; and inevitably, Network Functions Virtualisation is proving a large theme of the event.

Other key themes that the conference aims to tackle are as follows:

  • What  are the key architectural choices and burning issues with SDN?
  • Will  SDN drive the era of commodity network hardware and what does it mean for  the carriers?
  • What  is Software Defined Data Center and how will it impact the network hardware?
  • What  are the service strategies of Internet and Cloud providers?
  • What  is the role of overlays and VPNs in SDN and network virtualization?
  • What  is the role of APIs in SDNs? What level of abstraction do these APIs need to  provide?
  • Is  SDN the only solution for automation? Or are there other valid  architectural approaches to achieve the same benefits in terms of agility and  operational efficiencies?
  • Is OpenFlow an integral part of SDN ? Or just one of many possible  choices?
  • What  are the issues with respect to application deployment in the context of SDNs?
  • What kind of intelligence is required from the network?
  • What  kind of management tools are required in the context of SDN?

What are your thoughts on the evolution of SDN and NFV? 

Drop us a line and let us know.

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