Bringing you the very latest on SDN and NFV developments across the world

Virtualisation has been the industry buzzword of the month. What became highly evident at Mobile World Congress last month is that between them, SDN and NFV hold the potential to permeate into every aspect of an operator’s network. And if intelligently applied, the benefits can be massive.

dataBut the question is, how can SDN and NFV move across most effectively from theory into reality? What are the timescales for deployment, and which are the most creative use cases currently showing most promise of taking hold within the market?

The articles below demonstrate a huge range of creative possible use cases for SDN and NFV being raised online.

As the SDN industry surges forward faster than ever before, the ideas just keep coming…

In the News:

The Packet Core Looks Ripe for Virtualisation:

How SDN Could Solve the Firewall Migration Challenge:

On SDN and Network Security:

SDN and Network Fabrics:

VMware’s NXS Network Virtualisation Platform:

Dell Looks to Drive SDN Standards:

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