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There has been a lot to distract people this morning at ONS so far. Vint Cerf

Google’s Vint Cerf, posing as Queen Elizabeth II and collected from Buckingham Palace by a James Bond lookalike, flew in for his keynote by helicopter over Silicon Valley, with the CEOs of HP etc. smiling and waving in admiration on his way by, before skydiving down to the Santa Clara Convention Center, against the backdrop of the James Bond theme tune, to begin the day’s events.

It was an impressive display of Google’s self confidence in the SDN arena and the hall was full; though this could also be because the exhibition doesn’t open till 12pm…

In the meantime this morning, SDN World News has been conducting valuable interviews outside the main hall, the first of which was a fascinating talk with ADARA Networks, named one of the major Technologies to Watch in 2013.

ADARA Networks is a global software company in the SDN ADARA logospace. Exhibiting at Booth #306 over the next two days, pop by for a demonstration of their new open source controller called SKY, as well as Polaris, which integrates end user devices into an actively managed SDN architecture, and ADARA Hercules, an industry-first orchestration, choreography and execution platform, providing customers with a single pane of glass manageability for its entire IT infrastructure.

If the growth of ADARA Networks is anything to go by, SDN and NFV have a bright future ahead…

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