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Innovation has continued apace this month, and at the Open Networking Summit in Santa Clara last week, one of the major talking points was a brand new collaborative project formed under the Linux Foundation, entitled OopendaylightpenDaylight.

Already, OpenDaylight’s members comprise many significant SDN vendor players including BigSwitch, Brocade, Citrix, Cisco, IBM, Ericsson, Juniper, Microsoft, Redhat, NEC, VMware, Arista, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Intel, Nuage Networks, Plexxi and Plumgrid, who through this project are united in the quest to establish ‘an open, reference framework for programmability and control through an open source SDN solution.’

According to the group themselves, the OpenDaylight framework ‘maintains the flexibility and choice to allow organizations to deploy SDN as they please, yet still mitigates many of the risks of adopting early stage technologies and integrating with existing infrastructure investments.’

On the plus side, this could well help to break down the barriers to entry for SDN adopters, by reducing current concerns over compatibility.

However, OpenDaylight does pose a significant risk to the SDN start-up community; and membership of the group is particularly costly.

Only time will tell as to how what the Telco operator community make of this new initiative. Telcos’ primary interest in SDN and NFV is to save money – hence, many are keen to work with no-name start-ups rather than opting for solutions by expensive traditional vendors.

Yet could progressing forward without the major vendors really be worth the risk? Well, perhaps we are about to find out…

On 11-13 June 2013, telco operators worldwide will be gathering in Barcelona for SDN World, the premier global Telco SDN and NFV event.

This unique conference is a fully global event, endorsed by the ETSI Network Functions Virtualisation ISG and supported by a wide range of vendors. Covering OpenDaylight, OpenFlow and many other issues, the three day conference features contributions from over 35 service providers from right across the world, providing a key insight into telco operators’ plans for SDN and NFV, examining how virtualisation across the network might best be achieved and determining the most profitable use cases. One event which is not to be missed!

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