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Cyan IncCyan (NYSE: CYNI) customer GlobalConnect, the leading Danish alternative provider of network and hosting services, today announced it has completed the deployment of a 400G network employing the Cyan Blue Planet software-defined networking (SDN) system and Z-Series packet-optical platform throughout Denmark.

The network upgrade allows GlobalConnect to deliver a wide variety of ultra-high-capacity wavelength and Ethernet services to enterprise customers and data center operators, as well as wholesale services to other carriers. Ultimately, the flexibility and visibility afforded by Cyan Blue Planet and the scalability enabled through Cyan Z-Series allow GlobalConnect to enhance the customer experience by delivering unique network and hosting services to market.

According to GlobalConnect chief technical officer, Peter Olsen, “Many people think that the name of the game for service providers is simply adding more and more capacity. While capacity is certainly crucial, unless we can drive enhanced capabilities and features into our network we will suffer from bandwidth commoditization. Working with Cyan, we’ve been able to architect a next-generation network that is operationally more efficient, delivers the scalability we need, and provides a means to deliver enhanced services to our customers.”

The Denmark-wide 400G rollout is anchored by Cyan Z-Series packet-optical transport platforms (P-OTPs). The Z-Series family, ranging from the compact, environmentally hardened 200Gbps Z22 to the high-capacity, 2.8Tbps Z77, provides a scalable, modular platform for delivering wavelength and Ethernet services at speeds up to 100Gbps. GlobalConnect employs Cyan Blue Planet, a complete SDN system, to more easily visualize, manage, and orchestrate services in complex multi-vendor environments.

Paul Couturier, Cyan vice president of EMEA sales, added that, “GlobalConnect is certainly ahead of the curve in terms of delivering value to its customer and, at the same time, setting new capacity benchmarks. The Z-Series platform gives them the capacity headroom and service flexibility they’ll need for years to come. And Blue Planet affords them the ability to differentiate their service offerings and better address the needs of their customers.”

The GlobalConnect network spans Denmark with 12,000 fiber route kilometers and includes extensions into northern Germany and southern Sweden.


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