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Deutsche Telekom is a true advocate of SDN technology. In advance of SDN World in Barcelona on 11-13 June 2013, SDN World News caught up with Axel Clauberg, Board Member of the Open Networking Forum and Vice President of Transport, Aggregation  and IP & Fixed Access in the CTO Team at Deutsche Telekom, to find out about SDN and NFV’s power to transform the industry as we know it…

 Axel, Deutsche TAxel Claubergelekom is committed to employing SDN solutions to advance its networks moving forward. How important would you say SDN will be for the telco industry as a whole?

Axel:  “I believe that SDN is key for the industry moving forward.

“We have to overcome the limitations of today’s operations support systems. Yet instead of re-architecting the network and the OSS for new services, we need to be able to program new services – that’s why we are pushing for a SDN model, combined with Network Function Virtualization.

“Controlling CAPEX and OPEX and reducing time to market are key goals for operators moving forward. We see many start-ups now challenging the established vendors (gorillas) in this space and the gorillas have woken up now.”

How quickly do you expect SDN and NFV to become a reality for telcos across the world?

“I anticipate that we will see many productive deployments of SDN and NFV over the next two years. We are seeing a huge momentum at this point in time.

“The main focus, in my view, should be on the software architecture – determining how applications can make best use of the features provided by the infrastructure cloud.

“The combination of SDN and NFV is a chance to simplify the complex carrier service production. Demonstrations like the ones shown by Intel and Tieto at the Open Networking Summit or Mobile World Congress are indicators on what our world will look like in a couple of years, if we execute well.”

How does Deutsche Telekom intend to use SDN and NFV in coming years?

“We have already presented our TeraStream architectural vision at several conferences ( and we expect this to have a hugely beneficial effect on our network operations in the future; stay tuned for more news on our future roadmap.”

Axel Clauberg will be speaking in-depth about Deutsche Telekom’s SDN and NFV plans at the forthcoming  SDN World Conference in Barcelona on 11-13 June 2013, a uniquely operator-rich event featuring visionary contributions on the potential of SDN and NFV from 30+ operators around the globe.

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