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victor mendoza-gradoVerizon have long held that virtualisation will one day enable telecom service providers to virtualise their network services in the same way that they can virtualise computing resources in their data centres today for cloud offerings.

So in advance of SDN World in Barcelona on 11-13 June 2013, SDN World News caught up with Victor Mendoza-Grado, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect at Verizon, USA, to find out about their latest views on Software-Defined Networking and where the industry is headed…

Victor, how important is Virtualisation for the industry?

“As someone involved in the data centre, I have been lucky enough to have first-row seating to the advent of virtualisation and SDN, not only to evolve the data centre into the software-defined technologies, but also to support the most demanding applications and services, such as Big Data, across many verticals.

“I believe that SDN is moving towards being a major game changer in the evolution of networking and that includes the operators’ networks, platforms and processes as well as services and revenue.

What needs to happen for SDN and NFV to become a reality for telcos?

“I believe Carrier-Class SDN is vital because it has to fill big shoes in the industry where customers expect high reliability, automation and usage-based billing.

“I anticipate that the SDN and NFV ideas that we are seeing at the moment will take from 3 to 5 years from now to become packaged solutions and custom deployments, rather than trials.

“There is a need for consensus in the standards, greater buy-in from vendors and working together with service providers in trialling and evaluating the technology right till its maturity.

Which use-case scenarios have you been most impressed by to date?

“Regarding use cases from SDN and NFV, there are already several potential uses being studied by the NFV, including video and content distribution, which I believe are very promising.

“More trials need to be carried out, but this can only lead to even better implementations and ideas.”

Victor Mendoza-Grado will be speaking in-depth about Verizon’s SDN and NFV vision at the forthcoming SDN World Conference in Barcelona on 11-13 June 2013, a uniquely operator-rich event featuring visionary contributions on the potential of SDN and NFV from 30+ operators around the globe.


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