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Pieter Veenstra is Lead Architect with KPN in The Netherlands.

In advance of SDN World in Barcelona on 11-13 June 2013, SDN World News caught up with him to ask him about his thoughts on the growth of network virtualisation and SDN within the industry.

Pieter, KPNPieter-Veenstra has been watching SDN closely for some time. What are your chief thoughts about how it will develop from here as far as carriers are concerned?

“SDN is very important to all parties in the industry (operators, suppliers, etc.) and eventually SDN cannot be neglected by operators.

“For carriers, the prime objective of SDN is OSS for both cost savings and to simplify alignment with changes in industry. (Control is a myth – the Smart Phone completely changed the power of dynamics).

How long do you believe it will take for SDN and NFV to become common practice?

“I believe it will take some years before SDN becomes common practice in operational Telco networks. Telcos need standardised control interfaces before applications can be defined, built, tested, etc.

“However, I think the best NFV use cases will be to simplify network IT support for provisioning, billing, assurance, etc. Today’s mobile network roll-outs show impressive results with programmable radio antennas and Self-Organizing Networks (SON) for LTE. KPN’s idea, to apply self-learning in the interworking resolution of VoIP networks, is already showing growing interest from operators.

How does KPN intend to use SDN and NFV in coming years?

“SDN and NFV will be part of KPN’s outsourcing and rationalisation programmes. The adoption of SDN and NFV will accelerate further if their use contributes to significant cost savings and simplifications in network IT support.”

SDN World in Barcelona on 11-13 June 2013 is a uniquely carrier-rich conference and exhibition featuring visionary contributions on the potential of SDN and NFV from 30+ operators around the globe.


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