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ADARA Networks, a global software company in the SDN space, has launched the next generation of ADARA Sirius series virtual and physical networking platform, which has been re-engineered with a new implementation of DLSP (dual layer security protocol) making it 1,000 times faster and more efficient than before. Sirius also features the most advanced admission control ever designed, as well as a novel user-level granularity.

“ADARA Networks is bringing the experience of solving problems in the most difficult environments in the public sector to revolutionize the commercial market, which has been seeking the next leap forward in virtual networking. The increasing utilization of virtual machining and virtual networking for high performance computing requires state-of-the-art virtual and physical networking,” said Eric Johnson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ADARA Networks.

“The enhanced Sirius series is a defining moment in the evolution of virtual and physical networking, as it takes networking to another scale. It abstracts the physical properties of the network and dynamically manages in a fully distributed, logically centralized manner. Sirius is a full production ready platform for the virtual networking needs of enterprises and service providers, regardless of size or industry.”

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