Bringing you the very latest on SDN and NFV developments across the world

SDN World, which took place in Barcelona last month, threw up some very interesting observations about the nature and direction in which SDN and NFV are headed to benefit telcos long-term.

With case studies by Telefonica, Telecom Italia, BT, Verizon, Google, NTT, Deutsche Telekom, SK Telekom and many others, there was plenty to discuss about what can be achieved, and how long the deployment timescales are likely to be.

Telecom TV has produced a series of videos filmed at the event. Click below to view online:

Diego Lopez, Head of Technology Exploration, Global CTO Unit, Telefonica, Spain, thinks we’re facing a fundamental change in networking with SDN and NFV, but he’s almost certain it won’t be exactly as we expect. Java, he points out, was welcomed as a major inflection point for programming in the late 1990s, but was expected to be all about ‘applets’ . In the event its impact was huge applets have hardly been heard of since.

“Our customers expect us to lead in this space,” says Christian Martin, Senior Director of engineering at Cisco. To that end the networking giant views SDN as a valuable development driven, in the main, by the “phenomenal” growth of cloud virtualisation and multi-tenancy.  He tells Martyn Warwick that SDN as far more than just OSS Mk 2.  But neither, unsurprisingly, is he braced for wholesale commoditisation – things like firewalls can be virtualised or commoditised, but not high end routers or optical systems..  not for a while yet.

Hakan Millroth, CTO of Tail-f, is at the SDN sharp end. His company is working with DT to implement SDN as part of the German carrier’s effort to compete with OTT. He tells Martyn Warwick that he is now seeing a shift – from just managing the data plane towards programming services.  What’s now coming, he says, is a focus on the BSS/OSS stack to make SDN operational.

Cost reduction through SDN/NFV is important but the opportunity for service providers is in the cloud, says Brian Levy, CTO, Service Provider Sector, EMEA at Juniper. Enterprise applications are moving out but IT professionals worry about security and performance. As telcos can provide Cloud services and the network link as a package they are in a prime position.

SDN and NFV seem to have suddenly become important – not just down in the engineering department but up at board level. That’s a welcome change for Wim Gerrits, CEO and founder of Netherlands-based network automation specialist, NetYCE, who says successful SDN-driven network automation is only possible if led by a top-down management push.



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