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don-clarkeDon Clarke, Chair of the Network Operator Council, ETSI NFV ISG and Head of Network Evolution Innovation BT UK is speaking in the Virtualisation & Cloud track on Day Two of the Broadband World Forum, taking place on the 22nd – 24th October 2013 at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre, Amsterdam.

At the BBWF you will be outlining the objectives for the ETSI NFV ISG Proof of Concepts activity. Why is this important for the telecoms industry?

The ETSI NFV ISG has launched a proof of concept framework to enable vendors and operators to collaborate in multi-party implementations to validate the feasibility of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) approaches, and to encourage growth of an open ecosystem. We consider progress on implementation as critical to accelerate maturity of NFV technology. The NFV ISG initiative will provide an additional stimulus to these activities which are already underway across the industry, and encourage the sharing of learning to bring everyone up to a similar level of awareness on implementation progress.

With virtualisation, SDN and NFV coming into play, how different will the network of five years look compared to the current network of today

NFV and SDN are transformational technologies. Telecommunications networks are deployed at scale and are delivering business critical services. It is unreasonable to expect that these networks will be transformed in a single step. Rather it will be a journey over several years and spanning successive waves of network investment. And different operators will have different strategies. However, in five years I would expect to see significant penetration of NFV and SDN in infrastructures where elasticity (the ability to scale in/out depending on time-varying demand or events), is important such as in mobile infrastructures and content delivery networks.

To what extent do NFV and SDN both differ and overlap and should operators focus on implementing both into their networks?

Network Functions Virtualisation is highly complementary to Software Defined Networking (SDN). These topics are mutually beneficial but are not dependent on each other. Network Functions can be virtualised and deployed without an SDN being required and vice-versa. Different operators will have different strategies for introduction of NFV and SDN into their networks.

Hear Don Clarke present ETSI NFV ISG’s latest plans at the Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam, 22-24 October 2013:


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